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About Bootstraps

Our Business

The home of Bootstraps Beef Jerky is in the picturesque Northern Rivers town of Murwillumbah - a bustling epicentre for quality rural produce. It is here that Bootstraps Beef Jerky is manufactured and packaged onsite at Mt. Warning Natural Smoked Products, the home of Bootstraps Beef Jerky. Bootstraps Beef Jerky operates under an accredited food management system that ensures national standards for safe food practices and quality control are met. We choose to source only the best Aussie Beef from local suppliers,  supporting local businesses and the local economy.

Our Story

Our story, much like our beef jerky is really quite simple. Our founder “Bootstraps” is first and foremost a self-confessed jerky addict and a bonafide beef jerky connoisseur – albeit self proclaimed!. His search for the perfect beef jerky became his obsession – as his travels throughout this vast country allowed him to consume an innumerable amount of his favourite beef snacks far and wide. He describes this period in time as the most extensive unofficial product research ever to be conducted, but in reality he was just completely hooked on jerky.

Not satisfied with what was already on the market, Bootstrap decided to make his own, and thus begins the story of Bootstrap’s Beef Jerky. Drawn to the robust style of homemade jerky, various recipes and techniques were tried and tested.  It was this path that became the stepping stones towards building the Bootstraps brand - ultimately culminating into a product that we are proud to share today with all jerky lovers alike.